My company, Renewable Thermal Systems Limited, offers my inventions to all nations to stop our beleaguered planet from getting hotter by 2025 and returning to the pre-industrial temperature of 1850 by 2045 to prevent humans and thousands of other species from extinction by 2080. We must act fast because the average global temperatures are rising at 6% year on year. I calculate that we have already crashed through the Paris Agreement 'target' of 1.5C last year.  This means that, by 2030, the temperature will have doubled and will continue to double every 11.7 years thereafter unless we do something about it now.

I call on the UK government to take the following steps now. (If UK Government does not take these necessary steps, The Zero Carbon Party who may form the next UK Government, will.)

Step 1   Ban the Importation of all Biomass used for the generation of Electricity. 

Step 2  Build hundreds of Pelagic Wave-Powered Desalination ships to irrigate the World's deserts so that billions of trees can be planted so that photosynthesis will give us two atoms of oxygen back from every molecule of CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuels.

If these trees split more CO2 than is being emitted by combustion then within 15 years global temperature will flatline and start to fall back to preindustrial levels by 2060.

Of course, the UK Government will do none of the above as our species heads for extinction - this is why I founded The Zero Carbon Party so we can have a say in the House of Commons on reducing CO2 emissions to zero by 2025


The Paris Agreement aims to limit global warming relative to a pre-industrial baseline. Its precise commitment is: Holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2℃ above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels, recognising that this would significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change.



The red line shows the average global average temperature rise above pre-industrial baseline from 1990 where it was sitting at between +0.3C and +0.8 but I have selected +0.3C as the starting so that the global temperature rise above pre-industrial levels are probably understated. Despite this, we have already crashed through the pre-industrial temperature rise target of +1.5C set by the Paris Agreement last year (2018) as shown by the red line on my graph. Global temperatures are rising exponentially at a rate of 6% year on year despite renewable electricity generation in Peta-Watt-hours shown in green rising at a rate of  5% year on year. Since 1990 over 104.4 Peta-Watt-hours (104.4 million billion Watt-hours) has been generated to no avail. CO2 from burning fossil fuels alone has risen at a rate of 1.45% year on year shown as the blue line. CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels amounted to 886 Giga-tonnes and this almost doubles to 1600 Giga-tonnes when the CO2 from burning biomass is added. The real rate of CO2 emissions including biomass burning globally is 11.3% year on year shown by the black line on the graph.

Clearly, the intermittent generation of electricity and is not working.  If it was, then the red, blue and black lines on my graph would be flattening out.  We must stop generating all renewable electricity now in all its forms now. If we do and burn our remaining dwindling reserves of coal and gas the black line on my graph will flatten to the blue one. 

In other words, if renewables never happened our planet would be in a much better place.


The picture above shows just how reliant the UK is on heat. The yellow area shows the steady rise and fall of installed nuclear capacity which is currently at 11GW. The grey area above shows the installed capacity of coal-fired power stations and above that is gas and diesel in orange and light blue respectively. The red area shows the 'dash for gas' CCGT installation capacity peaking in 2012. Currently CCGT capacity is at 32GW. Above that is pumped hydro, conventional hydro, onshore and offshore wind shown in blues and greys.

Electricity uk night.JPG

Coal-fired power stations and CCGTs never shut down. The reading on the Coal dial should be reading 11.5GW; the reading on the nuclear dial should be 9.5GW; the reading on the CCGT dial should be reading 32GW at all times although the dial only has a full-scale deflection of 25GW. This means that coal, nuclear and CCGT are already providing a firm capacity of 11.5+9.5+32 = 53GW.  The demand in this snapshot is just 34.145 so the 18.9GW of overcapacity is discarded apart from 2GW of nuclear/fossil-derived exports to France and the Netherlands.





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