Reversing Climate Change

The strategy of generating renewable electricity and persuading countries all over our beleaguered planet to stop burning fossil and other fuels is not working.

Our species is hurtling down the road to extinction because there is just too much CO2 in the atmosphere.

The solution is to photosynthesise our way out of this impending mass-extinction event by irrigating the world's deserts and planting trillions of trees in them.

For example, my pelagic wave energy desalination ships would convert the powerful waves in the Southern Ocean directly into heat. Alongside, in harbour, these ships would put ashore huge amounts of heat and trillions of tonnes of flash desalinated water.

Large diameter pipelines extending northwards would create lakes in low lying areas of Australian deserts. Vast forests of Australian deciduous trees  would extend radially from these lakes 





Back in the early 70s oil was so cheap that it was used as a fuel to raise steam in thermal powers stations all over the world.  Practically overnight the price of oil shot up and thermal electricity generators internationally converted their oil-fired boilers to run on coal instead but that was a problem for the UK government.  PM Ted Heath put out an appeal for 'alternative' ways of raising steam to make electricity without using oil or coal because miners' strikes were crippling the nation at that time.
The engineers and scientists of the day thought it would be 'clever' to cut out the 'raising of steam' bit in the first instance and go for generating electricity directly from wind, waves and tides. 
The die was cast and our species was put on the road extinction within three or four generations.  The Extinction Rebellion's demands of total decarbonisation by 2025 can only be achieved if my eleven step program above is carried out quickly without procrastination and fudges.


The graph above shows where we are and where we are heading as unless we take immediate and radical steps to stop the burning of all fossil and biofuels right now.
The red line on the graph shows the average increase in global temperatures from 0.3C in 1990 and rising at a year on year rate of 6%to 1.53C at the end of 2018. The Paris Accord's maximum target of 2C will be breached in 2023 and reach a devastating 3C in 2029 and this temperature is set to double by 2042 and double to 12C by 2053.
The green line on the graph shows the exponential rate of rising in renewables' generation of 5% year on year from 1990 where it stood at 1.6 Peta-Watt-hours (equivalent to a million GWh). By 2018 renewable generation reached 6.6 PWh so that total renewable generation over the 28 year period amounted to 104.3 PWh.
The blue line on the graph shows the CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels only in tens of Giga-tonnes rising at a rate of 1.45% year on year. In the 28 year period, 885.7Gt of CO2 was emitted from burning fossil fuels despite 104 PWh of renewable electricity being generated over the same 28 year period.
The black line shows CO2 emissions inclusive burning biomass. Biomass should be de-classified as a renewable resource by governments all over the world.



The solution is to convert the kinetic and potential energies in wind, waves, tidal and river flows directly, and in direct proportion, into heat and onwards into thermal stores. Generating electricity 24-7-52 from thermal stores that are being topped up with intermittent renewable energy resources was the solution in 1974 and is the only solution now.