Importation of Woody Biomass for Electricity & Space Heating should be Banned

The burning of biomass has been a disaster for our planet. It is not renewable because woody biomass produces more CO2 when compared to burning coal to get the same thermal output.  A proportion of woody biomass produces nitrogen dioxide which is 300 times more potent than CO2.


Biomass Imports to the UK are unsustainable

As a result of clear felling trees over 50 square miles of forest in the USA, the UK imported 16.1 million tonnes of biomass last year. An average of 1.2 50,000 tonne freighters arrived at a British Port every day and required over 2,500 lorry movements per day to clear the quayside of biomass.
By the end of 2020, these numbers will double and double again and again every two years so that 2028, nearly 420 million tonnes will be imported to the UK.


Biomass Rationing in inevitable

It is inevitable that biomass will be rationed as early as next winter. Keeping the NHS's estates, Government buildings and schools will be given top priority.  At the bottom of the priority list will come the domestic biomass boilers. If you are homeowner thinking of installing a biomass boiler my advice is don't.